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Care and health

Looking masseuse for your salon? Hire a famous Filipino masseuses.

View the profiles of Filipino masseuses and carers

Do you have a massage salon? Do you need a masseuse who have practice in Thai massage techniques and need reliable personnel? Everyone knows that the most renowned masseuses are Thai masseuses. More and more salons in Europe recently changed Thai women for Filipinos.

Why? Thailand is not paradise of cheap and quality workforce. Thai women are ever more demanding and often do not respect the agreement with the employer, pretty soon run away „for the better“. Another disadvantage is the language barrier. In contrast, Filipinos are fluent in English and come from poorer regions, where they work in Europe weighs. The quality of their work is at a high level, massages in the Philippines have a long tradition. We will gladly arrange a masseuse carefully selected from our branch in Philippines. Your customers will appreciate the exotic massages, from traditional Thai massage to Philippine „Pinoy hilot“ massage.

We are the only agency in the Czech Republic, which has its solid base in the Philippines, co-owner of the agency, which will be fully paid, comes from the Philippines. As a result, not only perfectly we manage not only the administrative issues related to visa procedures, but also very familiar with the mentality of Filipino masseuses and help you set the conditions so that you all well and worked long term. Our work does not end with the arrival of a masseuse, we are ready to consult and assist if needed in communication. Still we are on your side.

Do you have a home for the elderly and families in need of constant care?

Try Filipino caregiver.

One of the most common professions in the Philippines are studying nursing and medical schools that produce a large number of qualified nurses and carers. Many European countries are already addressing staffing issues in healthcare recruiting from the Philippines. Language barriers are dealt with Czech courses candidates undergo the Philippines while waiting for the execution of necessary permits to stay and work. In the studio, continuing even after his arrival in the country.

If you own a home for the elderly, do not hesitate to approach us, we already cooperate with many carehome facilities.

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