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For families

Contact: Mgr. Ondrej Pohan
GSM: 733 330 565
Email: info@agentura-atlas.cz

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Hire a Filipino housekeeper or nanny. You're busy at work and can barely clean, wash, cook or take proper care to your children? Or do you just want to enjoy more free time for common family experiences?

We offer worldwide and proven popular choice. The Philippines is a traditional country „Nannies“ or nannies and housekeepers. You can be assured that they will become very useful any time and also a discreet member and assistant in your household. Filipino women are hard working, loyal, diligent and willing to work long term basis. They come from a country who has a Christian foundation and also speaks English well, which makes them ideal helpers in the modern family.

Do you need English language? However, you need not to be fluent. Your children will appreciate the English conversation, which for them become natural way, as well as experience with another culture that inherently will belong to our modern world.

Harmonious home? Background for your family.

All parents wish for their children and for themselves a harmonious home. But they also need enough time for self, work and hobbies. The need to reconcile household care, job duties and time spent with children are often leads to physical and mental exhaustion.
Pracovni agentura Atlas s.r.o, offers Filipino housekeeper to live their lives without undue stress associated with hectic lifestyles and fulfill all the demands of childcare.

How does it work? Just contact us.

It's simple. Just contact us and arrange an appointment. We will be happy to explain the whole process.

Our work agency has strong ties to the Filipino community in the country. Based on your requirements we jointly choose a female candidate with the best prerequisites to become a real mainstay of your home. We are ready to give you all the necessary information and experience to our clients as well as their own. We have accreditation in POEA and our branch recruitment partner in Manila supplies the most motivated and qualified candidates to ensure quality services.

Suitable candidates can be immediately find in Bohemia and then you arrange an interview. If no one is suitable in the Czech Republic, then we will offer you to select from our database of tested -pre-qualified candidates who are in the Philippines. We will arrange SKYPE interview at a distance. Very quickly, you will have assistant to welcome you.

How much does it cost?

Do you think live in Filipino housekeeper is a huge burden on your budget? Your dream helper is more affordable than you think. Housekeeper and nanny comes to approximately CZK 100 / hour. More precise conditions will, of course, will gladly personally or send by email.

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Senior HR Specialist
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